Girlfriend Material

Girlfriend Material - A love story for Trump's third term


It's the near future in the Autonomous City of New York, and most black people have been forced out to "The Zone". Others are living progressive lives in the world where meat and plastic are banned.

Daniel takes care of his dog, Chester the best he can, yet Chester has trouble adjusting to the new vegan diet.

They meet Sasha, who is about to leave New York for a brighter future. When she unexpectedly returns, Daniel will have to choose between his feelings for Sasha and his commitment to his dog.

Filmmaker's Statement

Moving from a rather homogenous Eastern European culture to New York City six years ago, I wasn't entirely aware of how deeply racism is embedded in the fabric of American society. Obviously, like my fellow liberal New Yorkers, I never considered myself racist—but at some point, I started thinking of how, willingly or not, I am benefitting from the racial inequalities.

Girlfriend Material is the result of taking this question to an extreme and deeply provocative conclusion. It's about how one white guy who considers himself very woke ends up taking advantage of a black woman, who, as a woman of color, is doubly vulnerable.

I wanted to present the power dynamics between a man and a woman—a white man and black woman—that they enter by default when interacting with each other. Even though the film takes place in the near future, it's not meant to be abstract; it's an exploration of the social justices we are dealing with right now, and a satirical yet grim take on where we might end up.


The Team

Malwina Grochowska, Writer and Director

Malwina Grochowska

Writer / Director
Malwina Grochowska is a New York-based Polish screenwriter. Her feature script Happy Ending got into the final of the SCRIPT PRO competition in Poland and was awarded a grant from the Polish Film Institute. Girlfriend Material is her directorial debut.
Penny Middleton, leading actor as Sasha

Penny Middleton

as "Sasha"
Penny Middleton is a New York City-based actress, writer & producer. She graduated cum laude from the University of Central Florida. Her versatile acting credits include commercial, television, short films, improv, and theater - she even played Matt Damon (in John Anderson's staging of "Ben and Matt").
Conor William Wright, leading actor as Daniel

Conor William Wright

as "Daniel"
Born and raised in Rhode Island, New York actor and filmmaker Conor William Wright has worked in film, television, and theatre since graduating from Marymount Manhattan College. Recent credits include a recurring role on the HBO Max dramedy Search Party, a role in the upcoming feature film Harry Haft, directed by Barry Levinson and starring Ben Foster, a role in the upcoming HBO series The Undoing opposite Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, and the Public Theatre's Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar. He currently lives in Brooklyn and is editing his second short film, Slime.
Winston Hoy, Producer

Winston Hoy

A Los Angeles native working in New York City, Winston is a production and post-production swiss-army knife and producer for production company Curiouser Creative Studio. Curiouser’s last short film production, The Morning After, premiered at the Big Apple Film Festival.